My Journey with Pellowah

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This book is about my personal journey, how I changed from a Muslim person, who was raised in the Middle East, to a spiritual person, who was pushed by one way or another, to change. I wrote this book with lots of emotions. I found myself crying while writing some of these pages, not because of any weakness, more so tears of appreciation for the journey, and lessons I traversed.

I did not include details that touch on my personal life, since my aim is to inspire people through my story, not to write an autobiography.

As the title suggests, the healing modality “Pellowah” and its founder

“Kachina Ma’an” have had a profound effect on my journey, but the book is about me and my change, not about the healing modality, or Kachina.

Though as I have mentioned, lots of the lessons learned during this journey were by the help of Kachina.

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My Journey with Pellowah

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